Adamas Tech Consulting

A new technology wing of the RICE group

Adamas Tech Consulting, a new technology wing of the RICE group has been established and set up in Bangalore with the vision of digitizing the entire aspect of education and skilling.

Adamas Tech Consulting Pvt Ltd. wants to create a global learning platform that will bring affordable education to all individuals who aspire to learn. The Company will invite universities and corporates from across the world to offer, deliver and consume courses. The learning modules will be digitised by the company itself. It will enable students, learners, employees and all other knowledge seekers to access the latest courses and skills available around the world. This platform will be amongst the first in the Indian market to be backed by an educational institution (Adamas University, Kolkata, India).

Our Vision

  • To be a global player in digital education, respected for cutting[1]edge innovation.
  • To make quality education accessible by bringing digital/hybrid learning to the masses.

Our Mission

  • To develop a global learning platform as a digital version of universities.
  • To bring together experts from diverse fields to help transform traditional university courses into digital/hybrid learning modules.