Effectiveness of online and offline classes for Government job examination post-COVID-19

The Pandemic has changed the education sector; it has pushed optimization in delivery methods. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions have been forced to move online. A new normal has been created for the Govt job preparation. While a lot of institutions have moved online the question is, have they moved online completely?  

Covid-19 Impact  

If one sees the impact of Covid-19 globally, at its peak 95 per cent+ learners were affected which includes Government job aspirants. This ensured that learners moved from offline methods of delivery to online and the shift was quick.  

Online education is a bit of a challenge mainly due to reduced face-to-face interaction, the attention span of the student, user motivation, class control, adoption of new technology, and technical issues (bandwidth, device issues, etc.).  

Initially, in institutions, instructors were simply not ready to deliver high-quality lectures remotely. However, given where we are today, most users have got accustomed to Video Conferencing tools and can use them with ease.  

All about the offline environment  

An offline environment is such where a teacher can see students. A teacher simply can pay attention to 40 students(for example) at one go.   

Maintaining the right teacher-student ratio is very important in this environment to maintain class control. It enables direct interaction between the teachers and students and  facilitates good classroom communication that helps in understanding the concepts  

The online world  

  While the online world has its own set of challenges, there are many benefits to it too. Students in online methods can see faster learning, and retention rates of students are higher between 25-60 percent versus 8 percent (offline learning). The flexibility to go back and forth, learn at your pace, maintain time flexibility, etc. all lead to better learning for students and hence better outcomes. EdTech companies have been capitalizing on this shift to their advantage and have seen huge growth.  

There has been a fair degree of work taking place in online learning, a lot of it has been focussing on the area of delivery, and a higher amount of work needs to be done on pedagogy and content too.  

While, the shift from offline to online has been an emergency response, and there has been a digital transformation all around. Online adoption has been at a break-neck speed, and learners have moved online. One thing is for sure, online education is growing and it is here to stay.  

  Most of the students taking the government exam are working professionals. Hence, opting for regular coaching classes or even taking days out to visit institutions for mock test papers is quite difficult. This is where e-learning comes into the picture. 

Most of the academies are now offering online live classes along with recorded videos, doubt clearing classes, study materials, and mock tests for our future nation builders. 

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