Future of Government Jobs after Covid-19 Prof. Samit Ray, Chairman RICE Group & Chancellor Adamas University

Government jobs usually depend on the policies of the central and the state governments. Many agendas work together in advertising to fill the job vacancies in India.
We know every year lakhs of candidates graduate at the state as well as the country level. I would say to all the students, it’s a good decision to take preparation for government jobs after graduation, once you have decided to go for government job, don’t hesitate. There is no possibility of closure of government service in the next twenty years in India, rather it is likely to be increased.

Government institutions are the ones that bring in state resources or central government assets or profits, even if it changes over time, it’s needs will remain the same, there is no doubt about it.

There are two reasons behind this,
1. If central or state government can arrange employment for graduate candidates, then they can make so many people to get attached of the government or the political party in power.
2. The government agencies today or in the future will help to make profits for the development of health, education, infrastructure in the country, there is no substitute for this.

In the seventies and eighties, there was a demand for government jobs among most of the students. There was an acceptance of government job in all aspects of social status like people can get fixed salary, extended working life. Everyone wanted to have a stress free and happy joyful life. Government jobs in India comes up with lots of benefits like job security, decent pay scale, fixed timing, work life balance, most importantly government will bear the medical expenses of you and your family.
In the nineties, a boom in corporate jobs began across the country. Glamorous offices, good quality salaries in the private sector attracted many people. To bring good quality students into government service, government office infrastructure, pay structure has changed to keep pace with corporate offices since 2010. Much more professionalism has come than before. Although the amount of government employment depends on the economic condition of the country. In some years, there have been less appointments in government service and some years the number of recruitments in government service has increased tremendously.

Even after graduating from IITs, 10-15 percent students sit for government jobs to become IAS, IPS etc. Even medical, engineering and technology students are also interested in government jobs. I think those who are preparing for government jobs should start thinking about preparing themselves without any hesitation.

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