Importance of Science & Technology for Govt. Job Preparation

Besides Mathematics and English, Science & Technology plays an important role in the preparation of competitive examinations. Now, being sound in each of the previously mentioned areas is not possible for all Government job aspirants because of their divergent backgrounds. In most of cases it is observable that aspirants fear for the subject science and technology. It is a misconception among aspirants that students with arts background cannot score well in science section. Understanding the basic concepts of science boosts you to prepare for competitive exams like WBCS, WBFS, UPSC, SSC, RRB, railway, many other exams of PSC and UPSC etc.  Many questions circling around this subject have been asked in various competitive exams. Subjects with a strong scientific base are high scoring, yet they often pose a challenge to aspirants, as they find it hard making notes balancing both static and dynamic topics in the news. However, it is important to have a theoretical understanding of static syllabus of the subject in order to write effective answers in examination. Science &Technology is mainly divided in three categories:

  • General science like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environment and ecology.
  • Technology includes IT and communication, space technology, defence technology, Nano technology etc.
  • Policies of government in science and technology sector and various current issues and developments in science.

Apparently the syllabus of science and technology seems boundless but smart learning and proper art of study will make you confident and help you score well in this subject. You will have also time for revision before appearing for exams.

  • The Science and technology is one of the important subjects for WBCS. Every year in WBCS PRELIMINARY EXAM almost 20- 25 questions and in WBCS MAINS almost 100-150 questions (General studies-2 paper IV) are coming from science and technology section which seems hard to score for aspirants but actually is very scoring if properly studied.
  • Almost 25 questions come from this section in West Bengal Forest Service and West Bengal Subordinate Forest Service Prelim Exam. Strong base is required for descriptive writing in WBFS&WBSFS MAINS exam and many other PSC exams (mains or step II).
  • 10 to 18 questions from this section come in staff selection examination, railway etc. and 25 questions from general science come in railway group D exams.
  • Science and technology is also important for both UPSC CS Prelims and UPSC CS main examination. It is included in GS III paper for UPSC CS (main) and general studies paper in preliminary exam. Almost 10 to 15 questions come in UPSC CS preliminary exam. Deep understanding in science and technology is needed for descriptive writing in UPSC mains exam.


Tips and tricks for exam:

Let’s have a look at some top strategies that can be followed by aspirants for getting high score in science and technology section in the competitive exams.

  • It is very important to clear concept and make a strong scientific base.
  • Revision and practice mock.
  • Without indulging all your hard works into mugging up the entire book, make yourself ready to clear concepts.
  • Clear your doubts immediately.


Achieve your goal with RICE:

If you think that getting full score in science and technology is just like building castle in the air, you are wrong. Yes, you can achieve full score in science and technology part with a right strategy. There is a vast difference between general academic study and the study to score in competitive examination. It needs instant comprehension, attentiveness, diligence and a structured study schedule to enable aspirants to attain success in such examination.  Updated study material, perfect learning environment, right pedagogy, regular mock tests and doubt clearing classes will help you score well in science and you can easily achieve a coveted carrier as a government servant at young age. The faculties nurture aspirants to attain success in such a well-planned professional methods that even the most students from arts background also develop the required impulse to compete with others in a competitive, friendly and homely environment. To fulfil your dream the RICE EDUCATION is the perfect mentor for you. So come and join RICE EDUCATION today and create yet another success story.