The shift from traditional offline learning to online learning

Educational institutions have been closed for more than a year in corona pandemic situation. Exactly when classes will be started through physical attendance at schools and colleges, no one can say that right now. Online classes are now the only hope for students and teachers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the education system. Schools and education institutions have been forced to move online. The online learning option is a need in this pandemic situation. It has brought education to us without us going anywhere, and it is more flexible.

Students can study and learn at the cosy ambience of their home and submit their assignments online. In online classes, there is less physical activity and more mental activity which makes students more academic oriented.

Although online classes have presented a new challenge to the teachers as well as for the students. Classroom teaching and the virtual teaching is the complete opposite method. The shift from traditional offline learning to online learning is not at all an easy thing to do.

Just reading text books is not enough to make online classes interesting now a days, teachers need to have a keen eye on how much students can learn in the online classes. It is also the responsibility of the teachers to motivate the students towards online classes. The environment is also very important for online teaching. Now a days online classes are going on by creating group of students with the help of various apps or software.

While there are some good aspects to online education, there are also a number of problems arise. There are several issues with online teaching. Traditional offline learning allows students to interact with one another and discuss with teachers in person. Students can participate in events like competitions, educational and cultural programms that allow them to explore new fields and develop other aspects of their personalities.

In the beginning, teachers and students had to face many difficulties in online classes, there is a large section of the population that is unable to access technology and that’s a huge concern. In many cases, internet & network problems were there, a lot of students doesn’t have laptop or desktop, some students have smart phones but they do not know how to use it in online learning.

According to some teachers online classes can never be a substitute for reading in a school or college classroom. Because the educational institutes are closed for a long time that’s why teachers have been forced to take online classes. The depth of education is not possible at home like in the presence of teachers and students in the institutes.

While the transition from offline to online learning has been a forced one during pandemic, this has led to a huge change in the way of teaching and learning.

The pandemic taught us that faculties must be at any moment ready to go online and teach remotely through digital platforms. Students as well as teachers have managed to overcome the challenges and have finally adapted to the online system, now that they attend virtual classes regularly. People will learn to use the online and offline teaching method together.

In the future, the education system will continue to be both online and offline method.